Do you desire to...
Be a values-driven leader.
Achieve greatness. Be innovative.
Challenge the status quo.

Encourage. Inspire. Motivate.

Sunesis: insight, knowledge, understanding

Nexus: a central point, a means of connection

Work with someone who has…
A proven track record of innovation and a passion for client success. Executive leadership. Consummate professionalism.



Leadership Coaching

Achieve greatness. Be a values-driven leader.

Independent Consulting

Grow your business. Think differently. Innovate. Challenge the status quo.

Keynotes & Interviews

Encourage. Inspire. Motivate.

Board Services

Executive leadership. Consummate professionalism.

About Michele

Michele R. Weslander Quaid was named one of “DC’s Top 50 Women in Tech” by FedScoop, in the “Power 100” list of influencers by Washington Life, and one of “The 7 Most Powerful Women to Watch” by Entrepreneur Magazine. She was recruited into public service to lead innovation and transformational change in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. One of the youngest people ever sworn in as a senior executive in the US government, she served in leadership roles, including the first deputy Chief Information Officer for the Director of National Intelligence. Michele then served as Google’s Chief Technology Officer for Public Sector before forming her company, Sunesis Nexus, in 2015.

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